Smoked Meats

A little while back Ryan’s Stepdad bought a meat smoker, he had smoked some ribs and gave us some to try. We instantly realized this was a taste we had never experienced before. When trying smoked meat for the first time it turns out its actually not something you can really put into words or describe. It left me with that deer in headlights kind of look. Naturally I vowed then and there that I must try it again. This weekend was a hectic weekend with Saturday being completely tied up with a to do list….boring. Sunday Ryan was out golfing all day and by early evening I was feeling blah..Lucky me, when he got home he said “get dressed I am taking you out” Knowing this meant FOOD I bolted off the couch and threw on my best Sunday night casual dinner clothes(Jeans a black long sleeve shirt, and black flip flops) Sometimes we drive around for half an hour before thinking of where to eat(its not always pre planned, in fact, rarely it is) This particular day we were so caught up in conversation about his day golfing that we just drove and drove until eventually we were in the country (to us city folk anyway) and passing by Memphis Fire BBQ. I knew right away this is exactly what was perfect for this kind of day. Normally during the day I prefer to sit indoors but this particular evening was perfect for the patio. Their patio is a mixture of standard size and 2 person picnic benches. We were seated at the 2 person bench.¬† Their menu was extensive and posed a few options that I was interested in, and as usual after a couple minutes Ryan and I look at each other and say “know what you want?” I was tossed between the wings or the ribs so we decided to get both and share! The server was pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu. The food came fairly quick and the presentation was amazing. I got that happygiddyyahme kind of feeling right away. While eating I discovered a few things: 1. I’m still up in the air about smoked meats, its a taste that I cant quite decide on 2. Sunday’s are made better by sharing food and conversation with good company 3. Its always a wise idea to carry wetnaps¬† with you….

SO how would I rate the restaurant..well it lives up to its hype! It truly is an amazing smoked meats place, they also have salads and fun sides like Mac N Cheese and Poutines, its casual, laid back and left us with no complaints even if the jury is still out on the smoked meat front!

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