Jacksons Landing

So, I have been trying a lot of boards  lately…meat boards, cheese boards even a steak board(watch for that blog in the future) but something about this board takes the cake. It was the kind of day where the weather was just right and I got that wave of summer come over me, the kind that instantly brightens your mood and leaves you craving adventure…well for me adventure almost always involves  food! Jacksons Landing in Burlington http://thelandinggroup.ca/jacksons-landing/ has had my attention for some time now, and finally I was able to see what it was all about. They consider themselves a “Bar Grill and Hub” From the outside you are greeted with a brick building, and 2 glass doors surrounded with wood, on your left hand side you see 3 large glass garage doors. In the winter and poor weather these doors are closed and act as windows in the summer they are wide open. Upon entering the first thought that came to my mind was rustic/industrial. Brick, stone, and wood. A beautiful wine display and very modern hanging industrial light fixtures. Our greeter was pleasant and asked us if we preferred indoor or patio upstairs. We chose indoors and actually requested a table by the garage doors. Turns out we got the best of both worlds! Seated indoors with a gigantic window with no screen directly beside us, hair blowing in the wind I took a second to let it all in. Yup this place was worth the visit! We were there for lunch so it was not overly crowded and was a mixture of all ages, some couples, some buddies and even a grandma with her 2 adult grandsons.  Our server, who was also working as the bartender approached us quickly and asked if he could get us started with some drinks. Their drink menu was actually very extensive and we needed some time with it, so we asked to start with some sparkling water. To our amazement, they make their own sparkling water there which comes in a large Jacksons Landing water bottle, how fun! To go with our meal I decided on a Sangria (seeing as how it was such a fun summery afternoon) and Ryan went with the 30oz Stein of Amsterdam Blonde(who knew it would be sooooooo big?) They have different menus for lunch and dinner, we were only given the lunch menu. With this new fascination with boards we decided to try their Artisanal Platter, and then share a Chicken Club Sandwich and a Landing Salad. Our server started us off with the platter. Well the chief brought it to our table and gave us a complete rundown of what was included…Grapes, Fiji Apples, Niagara Prosciutto, House Pork Tenderloin, Apricot Mostardo, Three different cheeses, Pickled vegetables, Focaccia bread, and Pate(chicken liver pate) The presentation was so beautiful! As much as I love food, I am not a big Pate girl and especially not a chicken liver pate. Ryan being in a spontaneous mood, decided to try it…I watched in amazement as he ate it. When I met him he was a Meat and Potato kind of guy and here he was trying chicken liver pate. 2 bites in he decided it wasn’t for him, but it didn’t matter he was already the hero of the day! This board was, to date, the best board I have ever had. Most boards mainly focus on one thing(meat, cheeses etc) but this one was a wonderful mix of everything and it all paired so well together! We took our time enjoying each bite and letting the sun warm our cheeks. It was an experience to remember. Next came our chicken club and salad. The salad was a beautiful spring mix with apples, cheese, sunflower seeds and a nice light dressing. Perfect refresher for summer! The club sandwich was on Focaccia bread as well and the chicken was a roasted citrus blend. By the end of the meal I could not fit in another bite if I tried. They were quick to clear our table and allow us to finish our drinks. Ryan didn’t stand a chance finishing that beer, although I must say he did well! My sangria went down nicely though! I was on cloud nine when we left as the entire experience was so fun! I plan to go back once more, for dinner this time, before the summer is over and try out the upstairs patio!

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