Common Ground


I love food and food loves me...I mean really we are in love! Its so much more for me then just filling my belly(although that's pretty awesome too!) There are 3 basic meals throughout the day and then lots of fillers in between. Most busy adults don't actually have a full 3 meals on schedule day in and day out, time just doesn't always allow for it, often we just eat when we are hungry. With that being said we do typically follow some guidelines. As an example on most occasions we wouldn't eat, I don't know say mashed potatoes in the morning(although, I am sure I have probably done this at least once) and its not too common that we would have a salad as a bedtime snack, again maybe you have? The point is, toast and cereal are generally considered a breakfast item with salads and sandwiches being common for lunch and those mashed potatoes most commonly find their way to your dinner table. Its universal among humankind. What we pick as fillers or in between is where we would see the most variations but the common ground being most of us(even the healthiest among us) usually have something. This is true for all genders, all races, all religions, all people and probably even some pets. So why am I pointing this out? Well in a time when we are working so hard for equality across the board its nice to realize that we do all have some common ground and for me I always see that as FOOD. As you get to know me better you will know there are many reasons I love food and this is just one of such a long list! One of my most favorite movies in the world is Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. Truth be told, this movie did not receive the highest reviews. At least not according to IMDB...pffft. This movie meant so much to me for so many many reasons. Please watch it, if only to appreciate all the beautiful meals Julia Roberts (who plays Liz Gilbert) indulges in. I mean the scene where she is alone eating the spaghetti outside on a perfect little terrace! This made my stomach rumble watching, but the message was so much more. She was alone with her thoughts, treating herself, enjoying some light reading material and at one with herself savouring each and every single bite(or in her case, slurp) I wish every meal could mean as much to me as that one meal meant to her. She points this out again when she makes herself breakfast(I want you to see this for yourself) She meets a beautiful young woman from Sweden in a cafe ordering a cappuccino and the two immediately strike a friendship. They take a day trip to Naples to try some pizza at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele(mouth watering right now) that is supposed to be the worlds best. While there her girlfriend Sofi played by Tuva Novotny, raises some concerns about some recently acquired "muffin top" that she has.  Julia aka Liz responds in such a way that will stick with me for life. The basic point she was making was that while she had no desire to become obese, she would continue her new found relationship with food and in fact go buy some bigger jeans if need be and they actually do just that! I think this may be when I realized this could possibly be one of my most favorite movies. It focuses on 3 major places, Rome, Delhi and Bali.  This film is about self discovery, self love, happiness, spirituality, religion, friendship, family, love. Its everything each and every one of us desires, strives and lives for. Guess where it all starts? You got it, with FOOD!! What is your favorite food movie?

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