Ottawa street in Hamilton is widely known for many different reasons. Maybe it's all the little shops, maybe it's the farmers market that is open every weekend or perhaps it's the wall art that is beautifully painted on buildings. For me it's the fact that over the past couple years there have been some new restaurants hitting the scene. Literally right around the corner from me and for years I took that for granted. This past #sundayfunday Ryan and I went to a new hamburger place called Hambrgr! (This place was featured on "you gotta eat here")To start, while I love food and almost like everything when it comes to hamburgers I am...lets just say fussy. We had finally found a burger we both liked in a place called FIVE GUYS(burgers and fries) while there Ryan was chatting with the guy that worked there and he had mentioned that an awesome burger was at a new place called Hambrgr on Ottawa St! That sealed the deal for me, I had been curious about IT for a while and once given a recommendation I knew I had to try it. Saturday night we thought it would be fun to go, well apparently so did all of Hamilton because people were lined up out the door and down the street. Well I love food and food loves me and I basically have zero patience when it comes to waiting for a table! Knowing that my mean side would soon show its face we decided to skip the hamburgers and settle for something else. Sunday when I woke up I knew it was going down!!So early Sunday we scanned the menu before leaving the house(that's totally normal right?) and off we went. Out front there were a few people sitting on the outside patio and no line up which was great. I was surprised to see the inside, it isn't large by any means but it's more roomy then I thought for sure. It's darkly lit and the radio is loud giving it that pub feeling. The walls are brick and most tables are pub height although a lot of people were sitting around the bar as well. I was surprised when taking a closer look at the menu at the amount of choices they have. Our super friendly waitress started us off with a beer, we both went for a blonde lager(and actually it was disgusting) but we drank it anyways...Ryan spotted some tower of onion rings thing someone else was eating and decided to go with that as his appie, while I went with the crispy cauliflower. 

The onions rings were delish, but the cauliflower was out of this world amazing. Finally for our burgers(they have some great choices) Ryan went for the good old classic burger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. I went with the Italian Stallion with panko crusted mozzerlla, dry cured pepperoni, tomato jam and pesto aioli. 

We also wanted to try their fries so we decided to share an order of their bbq fries. If I'm being honest I was slightly full already after our appetizers but I still found room to eat half my burger. A few bites into that stallion I knew that burger was the perfect burger for somebody but that somebody wasn't me. First off there was nothing wrong with it at all, the toppings were unique and very generous and it was actually almost like a pizza burger. The crusted mozzarella reminded me of a hash brown but then I remembered it was cheese. It was messy and greasy but everything a real burger lover would love.  I looked over at Ryan's Classic with big eyes and a smirk and like a gentleman he asked if I wanted to switch, so we did. A few bites into his Classic and I realized it wasn't as well done as I like my burgers so I gave him that look and we switched again. This time he suggested I take some of the pepperoni off my burger and perhaps I would like it more. Indeed that helped! The fries were delish and I fit as many in as I could before reaching the point of turning into one. We got through most of our burgers and finished our beers. Burger lovers will love it! We will take all the people we know that like burgers there to try it. More often then not we don't eat greasy foods but when we do we have to love it to crave it again. Next time we go together  we will go for just the appetizers because they were winners, as for our burgers, five guys still has our hearts!http://hambrgr.ca/menu-ottawa

2 thoughts on “Hambrgr!”

  1. The Italian Stallion?? While I love (I know) fried mozzarella this burger sounds massive! Fit for Rocky!! The cauliflower looks amazing though and Ted would give his right arm for those onion rings lol I love the atmosphere of the place though, I feel comfortable in those surroundings and it seems to make the whole experience that much better. We have 5 Guys here in Edmonton and they are at the burger “king”. A new place just opened that sounds promising called The Burger Priest. How can it be bad??
    I love burgers and burgers love me!

    1. Thanks for the comment!! We do have burger priest here already and can you believe I haven’t tried it!! That is next on my list whenever I am craving a burger and I will let you know my thoughts! Not sure if they make the burgers the same out there at five guys but either way next time you are craving a burg please try it and let me know!!! I love that you love burgers and burgers love you!!! ❤️

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