Son of a peach!
Burlington is full of great little restaurants. My favorite area is a little village on Lakeshore near Brant St. with tons of different places to try. Let me start by saying this... Son of a peach is one my absolute favorite places in the whole world! We discovered it just over a year ago and I am so in love with it. It was totally at random that we went there. Fridays are long days for me at work, I usually work 10 hours with only a small break and generally I work Saturdays as well, so Friday nights are nothing special to me. In fact I am rarely excited that its Friday. One particular Friday, sometime last year Ryan picked me up from work and we headed to Burlington to get some dinner. We had planned on going somewhere else and were going to circle around so we could get parking when the words PIZZERIA jumped out at me from a glass window. My heart did a little flutter and I looked at Ryan and said "hmmm whats that?" We both instantly knew that any sign that said Pizzeria was a winner but we did the old "I don't know do you want to try it?" "hmmm, I don't know do you?" Upon entering you wait in the mini foyer to be seated, the place has 2 sides to it. On one side you have tables for 2, tables for 4 and a bar area, behind the bar area is where all the magic is made! You actually see the guys flipping the dough in the air and making the pizza right there! On the other side of the wall (there are 2 large entry points) are more tables and more space and slightly different decor.

We were seated on the side with the bar area and at a cute little table by the window for 2. The tables are octagon shaped and wooden with cute little rhino decorations and votive candles. Neither Ryan nor myself are big beer drinkers but that particular night we felt like having one so we asked our waiter what he recommended as a light beer. It was suggested we try the Amsterdam 3 Speed. Best beer I have ever had in my life! So light and easy to drink! 

Almost every time we go we have one now! Next thing is the menu! Simple and easy just the way I love it! Their menu changes depending on what is in season, although now that I am a "regular" I know that some menu items will always be on there.  They have appetizers and salads and wings and a burger but their main menu item is PIZZA. Our first time there we tried the wings and each got our own pizza. They have 2 sizes of pizzas a small and a large, get a large if you want to share and a small if you want it all to yourself, although with the small I always have some to take home as well. The first thing I noticed when they brought the wings out which came on small wooden cutting board and were accompanied by gourmet carrots drizzled in honey was how much love went into the food. It wasn't just thrown together and dropped in a basket, they were neatly arranged and even the side carrots were prepared with love. Its the details like that that win my heart and remind me of my love of food! The wings were cooked perfectly and each bite was heaven in my mouth! They were crispy but not burnt, didnt feel greasy, and there was a generous amount. We sipped our light beer and enjoyed every single bite! The pictures cant do it justice.

Next up was our pizza. We were a little concerned that we seemed like over eaters ordering 2 and we were worried they weren't going to fit on the table. The waiter assured us that they would fit and that lots of people order their own. The whole atmosphere there is so laid back and low key and casual that you always feel comfortable every time you go. The pizza is what won us over though. We love pizza, more then anything we love pizza. I developed this love thanks to Ryan and his homemade pizza(son of a peach is the best, but it doesn't beat his homemade) We like all pizza, but its hard for us to say we loved a pizza because of how high our standards are. Well Son of a Peach, you did it! It's the perfect mix of fluffy yet thin, the toppings are always fresh and always put on with love, its always topped with some fresh basil and it's baked to perfection. I can honestly say that night was the BEST date night, and the best Friday night in years. We have been back so many times since and every time we are there, we love it. Their salads are amazing as well, and their crispy cauliflower is delish!! Everything is done with love, and when food is prepared with love, it can never be wrong. All the details are what make it so special. The decor is so trendy and yet so comforting. The artwork is selected by the owners and they take pride in what goes on their walls. The servers and cooks are all so nice and easy going and all know what they are doing. It was featured on "you gotta eat here" and chef Roger Mooking has been there and is featured on their Instagram @sonofapeachpizzeria page. Its an amazing place with an amazing feel and I will never grow tired of it! I try not to talk about price too much because one persons idea of expensive can be very different from another persons, but Son of a Peach isn't cheap in price that I can say but they aren't overly expensive either. I feel they charge for what you get and I don't mind paying for fresh, quality food. Typically Ryan and I can get an appetizer or 2 and 2 drinks and 2 pizzas and usually come in around or just under $100. Well worth it for the experience we have when we are there! I love this place, I love the decor, I love the food, I love the city it is in and I love PIZZA! 


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