Breakfast, the first meal of the day.The meal they say is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast and I have always had a shady relationship. As a child in grade school I loved breakfast. Breakfast meant it wasn't time to head out to the school bus yet. Breakfast was my siblings and I watching scooby doo and power rangers and spending time together before school, while my dear mother was in the kitchen preparing endless batches of toast for us and getting our school lunches ready. Breakfast was a very happy time. Then high school started and all of a sudden I was wayyyyy more tired in the mornings, slightly more grumpy( I say slightly but my family may or may not have compared me to many different evil monsters) and waking up with just enough time to get ready and head out the door to make it to school. Now breakfast meant a cup of coffee and a banana or an apple on the way out the door. Not my finest years. Now as an adult breakfast is a whole new thing to me. First of all I couldn't dream of skipping it, I would be completely intolerable if I did. It's much more of a necessity now. Don't get me wrong I still start with my morning coffee to rid myself of the monster in me. Generally through the work week I will have chopped up fruit, either apples or strawberries and some yogurt. I prefer vanilla or blueberry but if I am being honest I am not overly picky.

Breakfast is mainly meant now just to get me by until lunch, its meant to prevent me from fainting and from telling people what I really think and instead saying the polite thing. Weekend breakfast is something else entirely though. Weekend breakfast means taking my time, making it with love, lounging, enjoying each bite and filling myself up so much I dont even need a lunch. Weekend breakfast can be so many different things to different people. It can be a morning out with girlfriends, an early morning date, family together each pitching in. It can mean eggs..sunnyside up, overeasy, hard boiled, poached, soft boiled, scrambled, baked(which I recently tried and let me tell you, delish!!!) It can mean bacon, sausage, homefries, pancakes, waffles, french toast,yogurt, fruit, cereal, toast, english muffins, bagels, rye bread, white bread, peanut butter, jelly.....the list goes on but its actually making me hungry thinking of things. Weekend breakfast to me should be a social thing. That is how I best like it. We recently spent some time at the cottage with family and one of the days there we did a big family breakfast. There were eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce, baked bacon...mmhmmm try it, you will never look at bacon the same way again, toast, fruit, sauteed spinach,english muffins, yogurt, orange juice, chocolate milk, coffee and tea. (Not going to tell you the boys had a beer after breakfast, but I kind of just did) It was a feast! There was so much food and everyone loved it, but the best part of it was that it brought us all closer. Everyone was in the kitchen and most of us were doing something or other, people tend to hone in on their skills, some of us will cook eggs, some will cook bacon, some will clean dishes, set the table, offer a sense of humour, tell stories, whatever it is, we are doing it together and I love that about food and cooking. It was one of the highlights of the vacation for sure. If you arent doing it now, try it out this weekend. Make either Saturday or Sunday a social breakfast. Cook with someone you love or someone you like, go out to eat together, if budget is an issue go to Tim Hortons together and have tea or coffee and a muffin, you get the picture, just do it with someone. If timing is an issue because mornings don't work then have breakfast for dinner. When Ryan and I first started dating those were some of our favorite dinners to have together. Keep it as simple as you want or make it as complex as you want. Remember its the weekend throw in a mimosa if you so desire. Make it healthy, make it greasy, make it light, make it heavy but just try to do it with someone else. If you dont have someone to share it with make yourself something you can pack and head to the park with a book and sit at a picnic table and eat it, just being outdoors will change it up for you. The idea is to appreciate weekend breakfast as more then just having to eat to stay civil to others. Try it just once if you hate it, at least you tried but I don't see how you could when the possibilities are endless. Do you have any favorite breakfast stories or memories??

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