Finding Balance

Lately I have been feeling out of whack, my body has been telling me something is off. I'm not sick, I don’t have the flu but something has been playing with my moods and my emotions and my mind. Silly things happen like I get irritated easier, I forget things that I normally wouldn’t forget, I crave more sugar, I lose things like my keys or phone and then a general feeling of panic sets in and takes over. Anxiety creeps in and starts talking to me in the form of negativity. Everything begins to suck, I hate my hair, I hate my stomach, I hate my job, I hate my house, I will never have kids, I hate my life. Everyone else has it so much better then me. Now the old me would have allowed this to continue on and on for weeks at a time, but the new me can now recognize when this is starting to kick in and decide to do something about it. I am out of balance. Everything is weighing me down and taking over my mind, because I am allowing it. My best defense is to be proactive and nip it in the butt right away. 
SO to start...I can begin each morning with a grateful heart. I posted on instagram about this but basically the second I wake up I am usually wishing my alarm didn't go off, sometimes in disbelief that 7 hours have already gone by, then dreading the idea of getting ready and heading into work. This is the absolute WORST way to begin your day. I mean absolute worst!! This is setting your day up to be down right crappy. Believe me things don’t magically get better as the day goes on. So now instead I may still be wishing the alarm didn't go off yet when I wake up but then the second thought I have will be “STOP IT CANDACE, I am grateful, I am grateful for another day on this beautiful earth, I am grateful I have a job to wake up and go to, I am grateful I have the ability to make money so I can live and enjoy all the things I enjoy, I am grateful for my staff as they mainly aim to please me, I am grateful for my boss because he continually believes in me and puts his trust in me to run his business, I am grateful for the love I have in my life and that I am able to share the moments with someone who truly cares, I am grateful for my family and my friends because they constantly put smiles on my face, I am grateful for God and the fact that he never gives up on me even when I close my eyes and my ears to him, I am grateful for the many talents that I have, I am grateful for all the wonderful food I will eat....the list can go on and on and on but usually by that point I have some coffee in me already and my mood is already much better.
The new me also knows that when my moods start to shift and my thoughts become negative that it is time to align myself with the outdoors, it can be something as simple as standing outside in the backyard and taking a few deep breaths or a walk through the park or the neighbourhood, breathing in the outdoor air puts us at one with nature and has amazing effects on our moods and our bodies. 

The new me also knows that when my mood is negative it the worst time to eat white or refined sugars. The old me would have binged on chocolate bars, ice cream, brownies or anything else my sweet tooth craved, but the NEW me now knows there is nothing wrong with treating myself to these things when my mind is the right place but when its not I need to stay away from these things because they are then toxic. When I feel negative I need to focus on putting only wholesome things into my body. Now I know I have talked about comfort food and filling my belly with pasta etc, and that is something else entirely, comfort food is when you have a long day or even a particularly bad day, or a great day, or a normal day, its a meal that feeds your soul, but what I am talking about now is when you are off balance. At those times its so important to stick to a healthy meal plan, so what does that look like, well for me it's lean meats like white chicken, fish such as salmon, quinoa, brown rice, lots and lots of vegetables like spinach, kale, peppers, cucumbers, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts; fruits like apples, strawberries, mangos, oranges, melons, blueberries and avocados....and lots and lots and lots of water and green tea. 
Sleep is also key when my mood is off balance. 7 hours leaves me feeling normal but the new me knows if my mood is off its important to aim for at least 8 hours. Writing in my happiness journal also helps, its puts things in perspective and makes it so much more permanent when its on paper.
Suddenly all the things I thought I hated start to take on a new light, I love my job and the freedom it leaves me and the fact that its what I am really good at, and I love my house and everything in it and all the memories I have created while living there and I know its not my forever home and I know one day I will be in my forever home but until then these walls do me just fine and my hair and my stomach and every other outward thing on me is beautiful and just as I was created and so its my job to love it, and if I have kids one day great, I hope to ACE motherhood, but in the meantime look at all the freedom I have, I can go where I want, when I want with only minimal planning involved, I can eat out, sleep-in and take advantage of being an adult with the world at my fingertips. My life is actually great and you know is yours, whatever it looks like. The new me is a work in progress but I am starting to really like her, and I hope to keep improving as I go. 
What kind of things work for you when you are off balance? 
Let your adventure begin.....xoxo

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